About Transvestite Chantelle

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to be with you soon for some sexy fun. Here I hope to give you a little more of an insight into me and about me to help you decide if i am the right girl for you.

I have been dressing since I was very young and live most of my life as a transvestite, I would estimate I am about 90% convincing.

For appointments I always dress how I choose to suit the occasion but I can bring other things for in the room and I do have toys as well.

I am very open minded and up for most things, just no pain and you must be clean, I love giving oral and CIM is totally fine with me. I do like things nice and sensuous but do enjoy a good deep hard fuck when you get going.

I like to meet intelligent and refined gentleman, as a company director myself I am very well educated and will not tolerate small time and small minded idiots.

I am very feminine in my dress, my persona and look and act female and as such like to be treated the same as any girl, I dont have a feminine voice but I am softly spoken and not brash.

If you wish to go for a meal thats fine but you need to be comfortable that some people may notice I am transgender, you also need to be able to take care of me and take me only to safe places.

I prefer overnight appointments as it gives us more time to get to now each other so I can find out your real fantasises and what you like so hopefully I can deliver for you.

I am very experienced and I am also very polite and tactile so if it is your first time there is really no need to be nervous as I will put you at ease and ensure that you enjoy the experience.

I am happy to work with other girls but I dont have any specifically that I work with, so you would need to select one or I know a couple of girls in the North West Area. Any Girls you book you are responsible for if you have chosen them.


If you like things a bit more kinky with Bareback thats fine providing you are exceptionally clean and D & D free, I have to think about me and my next client as well not just you.

If you have any COVID-19 symptons please do not book me as you could kill my family who are vulnerable

If you enjoy Watersports thats fine, you can pee on me or in my mouth and i am happy to swallow it. As for Hardsports I am open to discussion on this if its something you would like and appreciate this is a niche service that a lot of people dont like, but I like to cover all aspects of peoples fantasies to give the best service I can.

Fisting, I am happy to fist you and you can try and my but i have quite a tight pussy so it may not work and I would not want to be hurt, but will keep giving it a try.

Gangangs, yes I love them and happy to discuss rates for up to 20 guys to take turns on me and can do bukkake and W/S as well.

I am not into spanking or domination, in fact I hate it with a passion it really is not for me, anyone who slaps me on the ass will be in for a shock as I leave the room - so nice and sensuous guys please...xx

I love my meetings I have met hundreds of fabulous people over the years and had some great fun, so you will only get out of me what you put in guys so treat me well and I will taste as sweet as candy and melt in your arms.


I am happy to do do days out, naughty weekends or Holidays and happy to negotiate a fair price so if thats what you would like please do get in touch to discuss.



It goes without saying that we all need discretion including myself, so you can expect the upmost discretion from me and it is something we can discuss prior to meeting to ensure that we are both comfortable. ALso if you provide your mobile number i will only ever call you at a day and time that you specify, I am not out to trash your marraige if you have one guys so dont worry, and if we text I wont use my name, or your name in a text just an initial. Also please ensure if we are meeting at your house that it is safe to do so.

If the incall is on a rare occasion at my house you will need a car to get to my house you can not take public transport.

I am a Transvestite guys and not a Transgender so I have all my male parts intact at a nice good 7" and I dont have boobs I use false ones, as such in my meetings I prefer to remain mostly dressed apart from my panties so that it does not spoil the illusion so to speak...x

I have an amazing collection of skirts, shoes and clothing collected from the last 30 years dressing and I can certainly dress to impress as you see, so you wont be dissapointed, however I dont do any leather as its not for me.


I look forward to a hot steamy and messy session with you and some nice and passionate fun and dont worry I dont bite, but do suck fantsatic xxx.

I only meet people who are of legal age and on my site I only use cookies to make the website work and i do not keep any names and addresses of clients, when a booking is over your detaiks are deleted unless you give me permission in private to keep them.